Visit our Seattle kettlebell gym at our convenient Belltown location at 2315 Western Avenue.

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Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebell training is the most effective strength training, conditioning, and fat burning tool. It gives you everything  you need in a workout. And kettlebell training is for EVERYONE!

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About Fit by Red

FIT by Red, owned by kettlebell extraordinaire Shannon O’Neil, has been serving strength to Seattle since 2007. With a great location in Belltown, our goal is teaching others that they are stronger than they think.

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This review is very long overdue, as I worked out with Shannon for about 6 months, over a year ago. I was very sorry to leave her when I left Seattle, as I was easily in the best shape of my life and getting stronger by the week. Kettlebells provide a far more efficient workout that whatever you're currently doing at the gym. Cardio + strength training, all in one. (You will be sore from head to toe for days after your first workout. Keep going; it gets better, quickly, and you will be amazed by how strong you're becoming.) Shannon is super fun, super knowledgeable, and will make you work harder than you think you can stand. I book personal training sessions with her when I'm in town, and look forward to training with her by Skype in the near future. The group classes are especially fun, though -- misery loves company, right? :) I've recently started training regularly with kettlebells again and really appreciate how solid my initial training was. Thank you, Shannon!!

Jennifer D, Washington D.C.

I started Kettlebells about 11 months ago, and the transformation to a lean and stronger body has been directly because of Shannon and Fit by Red. In 6 months, I gained 11 pounds of lean mass and dropped 6% fat. Results will vary person to person, but a good clean diet and Shannon's intense workouts will get you there. I had to go into surgery after a few months ago, but was able to continue to workout. I will note this was in no relation to swinging bells, just a pre-existing condition I need to get done. Kettlebells were the perfect fit for making a quick recovery and back into the "swing" of things. (Pun intended!) As mentioned before, the classes are a perfect size. Plenty of attention is paid to proper form and technique, thanks to Shannon. The people that attend the gym are energetic and focused without the typical gym competition. Highly recommend Fit by Red!

Scott V, South Lake Union

So my girlfriend and I were in decent shape before we started working out with kettle bells. We have now been going here a little over two weeks (including intro class) and I read a review that promised Spartan abs. Well I don't have those yet but I can say I have already lost about 8 pounds. I don't know if this is typical, but I can say Shannon does work us hard. Many times I feel like I want to vomit, a sure sign that I am getting what I paid for. The only reason that I only gave 4 stars is that I have only been there 2 weeks so once I get some more time with Shannon and I see those Spartan Abs it will quickly jump to 5.

Omar, Capitol Hill

Working out with Shannon is not only fun, but you will see results. Even if you are out of shape or have any injuries, Shannon will give you a great workout. Because she takes the time to listen to you she adapts the workout for your needs. I had a bum knee and after a few sessions of working out with Shannon, I was able to improve my mobility better than any physical therapy session had to offer. Sure it's hard sometimes to get out of bed and go work out, but I always feel better after working out with Shannon. She is a stickler for proper form which I appreciate because no body wants to get injured. Best of all she is a lot of fun and you know that she loves what she does for a living. I'm still attending her sessions and would encourage anyone who wants to maximize an hour of their workout time for strength, endurance, agility, check out Shannon at Fit by Red.

Diane L, Belltown

I absolutely hate traditional cardio and maintaining a regular workout schedule was really hard for me. Shannon's studio is right across the street from my apartment in Belltown and I heard that Kettlebells were a great work out, so I figured why not? The nightly 45 minute workouts are awesome!!! Kettlebells get your heart rate up and provide excellent strength building. Class sizes are perfect, small enough that Shannon can work with everyone, tweak our form as well as well as encourage us when we get it right. Before I started going to regular classes, I took a couple personal sessions with Shannon (a requirement) to learn the proper form for Kettlebell workouts - a sign that she cares not only about filling up her classes but making sure that her clients are lifting properly to avoid injuries.

Jacque Q, Belltown

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